Home Education

Home Education

GHSD has two schools with home learning programs. NorthStar Academy, is an online school that offers Christian educational choices including online learning, an Individualized Learning program, and traditional homeschool.  Golden Hills Learning Academy, offers two home school delivery options, traditional home school or blended home school.


GHLA staff will work with parents to tailor a program that best fits their child’s needs.  Parents develop, present and evaluate the progress of the student, and maintain a record of their children’s progress with support and encouragement from caring staff. We encourage parents to choose from two home school delivery options in order to help you meet the individual needs of your child and family. Please choose from either the traditional or blended home school options.  If you would like more detail on either program or would like some assistance in helping you to choose, please contact Mrs. Donna Seamans at (403) 934-5179 or donna.seamans@ghsd75.ca

Traditional Home School Programs

The Traditional Home School Program is designed with families in mind. Specifically, it allows families the opportunity to choose the curriculum, deliver and assess their own home education program. Program providers are guided by the Student Learning Outcomes for a Basic Education and are supported by teachers from GHLA. Enrollment in Traditional Home Schooling Programs is only available before September 30 of the current school year.

Blended Home Schooling Programs

Home school programs can be blended when a portion of a students' programming is comprised of Traditional Home Education guided by the provincial Home Education Regulations, and the remaining portion of the program meets the learning outcomes of the Alberta Program of Studies. At least 50% of elementary and junior high programming and 20-90% of high school programming must follow the Alberta Program of Studies in a Blended program.

Blended programs require a collaborative approach to education including both parents and teachers in the process.  The GHLA staff work collaboratively with families to meet the needs of each child within the family.

Enrollment in a blended Home Schooling Program is only available before September 30 of the school year.

•Please visit www.goldenhillslearningacademy.com for more information regarding the Golden Hills Home Education Program


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