Programs and Services



Through collaboration with the Alberta Children’s Hospital, pediatric and psychiatric outreach services are available on a monthly basis in the Strathmore area.These resource professionals are based out of Brentwood School and teamed with professionals from other disciplines who are already, or will be, working with the referred child and his/her family in order to ensure integrated assessment and intervention.


Early Literacy

The primary grades lay the foundation for all future interactions with education. By intervening with grade one and grade two students, it is intended that the Early Literacy Initiative will develop skills and enhance their abilities and successes


Early Numeracy

Numeracy in education is as important as literacy. The intention of the Early Numeracy Initiative is to intervene during the early years to enhance students' abilities and successes through skill development.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language (ESL/ELL) students are students who first learned to speak, read and/or write a language other than English and whose level of English language proficiency precludes them from full participation in learning experiences provided in Golden Hills schools.


Family School Community Resource Program

The FSCRC Program offers support services for students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and their families, who may be experiencing a range of challenges at school, at home or in multiple environments.  The program may be an extension of existing services, or for those students and their families who are not currently involved with other support agencies.  The program offers individual counseling, group counseling and classroom and community presentation.  Early intervention and prevention is the focus.


Fine Arts

Golden Hills School Division offers a spectacular range of Fine Arts opportunities which we are proud to share. You will find a variety of Music, Arts, Drama and Dance opportunities throughout the school division.  Please visit the Fine Arts page by clicking here and then once in the site look under the Fine Arts Programs tab to find more information about what individual schools offer.



Learning Support Programs

Golden Hills School Division recognizes the need for a continuum of specialized programs and services to support diverse learners. Target programs are available at every school based on the individual needs and resources of the setting.  Project H.O.P.E. provides children within Wheatland area, who have severe social-emotional, behavioral and/or developmental needs with the opportunity for music, art and recreational therapy.  Specialized congregated programs can be found within the Wheatland and Kneehill area to support students with severe social-emitional, behavioral and/or developmental challenges.


Technology for Learning

Technology for Learning is dedicated to providing technology and tools to create engaging learning opportunities in the classroom.  We promote the use of technology to create an inclusive environment where all students can feel successful.

If you would like more information about  Technology for Learning or Assistive Technology we welcome you to visit our website:


Project H.O.P.E.

Project H.O.P.E. provides therapeutic services for children 3-18 years with severe learning needs, including communication, cognitive, self-help, social-emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.


Home Education

GHSD has two schools with home learning programs. NorthStar Academy, is an online school that offers Christian educational choices including online learning, an Individualized Learning program, and traditional homeschool.  Golden Hills Learning Academy, offers two home school delivery options, traditional home school or blended home school.

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