Todd Kennedy Receives the 2015 ATLE Pillar Award |

Todd Kennedy Receives the 2015 ATLE Pillar Award

James Aitchison (left) and Todd Kennedy receiving their ATLE Pillar Awards at the Annual Gala Dinner

We are pleased to share the news.  Todd Kennedy (GHSD) received the 2015 ATLE Pillar Award along with James Aitchison at the Nov ATLE Annual Gala Dinner.

Write up shared by ATLE President, Ken Robitaille

Todd Kennedy started his career with technology in K-12 education in 1995 as part of the team at Pembina Hills Regional Division No. 7 in Barrhead Alberta.  For almost 16 years Todd provided Pembina Hills with his wisdom and unique wit before accepting a position with Golden Hills schools Division in Strathmore where he has been for over the past 4 years with his lovely wife and three children.

Todd and ATLE have been inseparable.  He has been an integral representative of ATLE in a number of positions since its creation.  He is very well known as the “Voice of Todd” and the giver of gifts at this annual conference.  What most people don’t get to see is the tireless hours that he has put in.  6 years as Conference chair, 2 years as President, and 4 years as Past President.  If memory serves he has also served as the “common sense” cop a few years ago when after the social, a foam dart war was getting way out of hand on the vendor floor.  Todd stepped in and got things back under control.  Good job Todd!

As an affiliate association of ISTE, Todd has been the ATLE representative for a number of years at their annual affiliate’s day and has done us proud.   Susan Larson, the ‎Director of Volunteer Leadership at ISTE had this to say about Todd:

Todd is the epitome of a servant leader. ISTE has been privileged to know him and work with him on many levels. For the past three years, Todd served on the committee to produce the ISTE Affiliate Summit, which gathers 150 leaders of ISTE worldwide affiliates for a full day of learning and networking. He has contributed countless great ideas and insights, shared expertise with technology and leadership, solved last minute problems with grace and ease, and has co-led the all-day leadership event with his own special mixture of poise and humor! He will be the first to tell you how much he learns along the way, but what impresses me the most is his ability to stay cool, happy and helpful in nearly any circumstance. Todd also has volunteered several years at the ISTE conference as a Volunteer Champion, giving up an entire day of “official” learning experiences just to help conference go-ers with almost any question they have. He assures us he is still learning all day long, but instead of the knowledge he might pick up in a session, he learns a great deal from the dozens of people he helps all day long. I have rarely seen a more willing and kind leader who disguises himself as just someone who just likes to help out.

She concluded with offering her congratulations.

In my opinion, Todd, has a contagious energy and passion for learning and integration of technology into it.  He has provided his staff the flexibility to think outside the box which results in innovative solutions that in turn create excellent learning environments for students and teachers.  His outgoing personality and drive has enabled him to acquire a vast array of contacts and relationships throughout Canada and beyond and I rarely find that he can’t remember someone’s name.

On a lighter note Todd has a great sense of humor and can be quite the practical joker.  I do recall one day when I arrived at work in Camrose to find that my parking space has in fact been relabeled to be Todd Kennedy’s new parking stall.  I am sure he would have done them all if he had taken more time.  On that note I have often asked Todd where he gets all his time.  I believe he never sleeps.  He is always working, reading, writing, learning, volunteering, spending time with his family and yet he always makes time to talk to you.  If you ever get a chance you should read his blog:  Mr. Todd Kennedy on wordpress.  It is entertaining and thorough!  He will also do just about anything if you supply the Coca Cola.

I am proud to call him a colleague, trusted advisor, and friend.  Congratulations, Todd, on this special ATLE honor!