Central East Collaborative - RCSD Building Capacity/Professional Development |

Central East Collaborative - RCSD Building Capacity/Professional Development

Tuesday May 3rd, 2016 [Dr. Judy Willis] 9:00-4:00pm

Strathmore Travelodge Heritage Ballroom
350 Ridge Road, Strathmore, AB








How Emotion Impacts the Brain’s Successful Learning

  • Neuroscience research will spotlight the stresses that cause children and adolescents to ‘zone out.’
  • Understanding the emotional reaction to children and youth being bored or frustrated.
  • Strategies to support individual motivation and perseverance.
  • Building emotional self-control in children and youth.

Building Powerful Executive Functions

Understanding the prefrontal cortex control center of executive functions.

  • Neuroscience research will highlight to increase activation and strengthen the executive functions of children and youth.
  • Learning applied tasks for ‘mental manipulation’ to support cognitive success.
  • Strategies to support the developing networks of executive functions.

Dr. Judy Willis, a board-certified neurologist in Santa Barbara, California, has combined her 15 years as a practicing adult and child neurologist with her teacher education training and years of classroom experience. With an adjunct faculty position at the University of California, Santa Barbara graduate school of education, Dr. Willis travels nationally and internationally giving presentations, workshops, and consulting while continuing to write books for parents and educators. She is an authority in the field of learning-centered brain research and classroom strategies derived from this research.


Wednesday May 4th, 2016 [concurrent sessions] 9:00am-12:00pm; 1:00pm-4:00pm
Golden Hills School Division – 435A Highway 1, Strathmore, AB


Dr. Judy Willis
Chelsey Morton

Chelsea Kelba
Dr. Judy Willis


Dr. Judy Willis

  • Approaches to support positive outcomes.
  • Application to provide active and interactive learning.
  • Strategies to reduce boredom and frustration.
  • Emotional self-control strategies.


Chelsea Kelba, BHSc [Training Centre Coordinator – Calgary Sexual Health Centre]

Chelsea Kelba is the Training Centre Coordinator at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre, providing customized workshops to over a thousand professionals across Alberta each year.  She started at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre over 3 years ago, teaching comprehensive evidence-based sexual health education to junior high and high school students. Chelsea holds a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree from the University of Calgary, specializing in Health and Society.

  • Explores the meaning of LGBTQ identities for students.
  • Root causes of homophobia and transphobia.
  • Practical strategies for creating more positive and safe cultures.
  • Knowledge of community resources and referrals.


Chelsea Morton, MA (Psychology)., R.Psych  [Child, Youth, and Family Counsellor – Hospice Calgary]

Chelsey Morton is a Child, Youth & Family Counselor with Hospice Calgary. She has worked with children, adolescents and adults providing individual, group and family counseling to those who have experienced a significant death in their lives. Chelsey has presented a variety of educational workshops to community and professional groups on child and adolescent grief and loss. Chelsey is a registered psychologist and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Behavioural Sciences as well as a Masters in Counselling Psychology.

  • Determinants of grief in children and adolescents.
  • How grief looks in young people.
  • Similarities and differences between individual, group, and community grief.
  • Practical and basic support strategies.


Two options for registration:
May 3 only - $75.00
Both days - $125.00
Please note that each session on day two is capped at 35



For more information contact:
Scott McLean, CEC RCSD Manager – scott.mclean@ghsd75.ca
Sharon Blanchard, FCSRC, Golden Hills School Division - sharon.blanchard@ghsd75.ca

These sessions are eligible for Category A credits through ASCW