Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation Supports Student Wellness Initiative at Carbon School |

Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation Supports Student Wellness Initiative at Carbon School

The Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation presented a cheque to staff and students of Carbon School in support of Carbon School’s Student ‘Wellness Initiatives’ Program.  At the beginning of the school year, staff and students came up with a list of positive character attributes that the entire school would focus on throughout the year.  Each month, this theme changes, often times coinciding with important awareness days or activities also taking place that month.  Staff at Carbon School work to prepare lessons and projects, which support the monthly themes.  This holistic approach allows students to both understand and take ownership over the project.  Ironically, this month’s theme is ‘Leadership’; a fitting coincidence for Carbon School and their unique ‘Wellness Initiatives’ Program as well as for the Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation and their support of such ideals.

The support received from Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation will provide Carbon School students with a new opportunity to gain skills as leaders and global citizens. 

Marci Steen, Carbon School Associate Principal, says, “We believe that ongoing
wellness initiatives at our school are helping students to understand the benefits
of establishing positive character attributes.  Emphasis upon those different traits
helps us to create a positive school culture and gives us the opportunity to have
school wide focus on universally important values.  Programs, like the one developed
by the Calgary Educational Partnerships Foundation, will certainly allow for more
unique opportunities to continue that work with our students.  We are honored to
receive recognition from their organization.”

This year, the entire student body will be benefiting from grant received by CEPF.  Staff have booked special guest speaker ‘Frisbee Rob’ for a presentation at Carbon School on April 29th, of this year.  Amongst other things, Rob discusses the importance of many of the character attributes, already recognized in Carbon School’s ‘Wellness Initiatives’ Program.  His presentation will help staff and students to reinforce the values they have identified as important.  It will also add an important physical element to the wellness program, as the presentation allows students to learn some new skills as well.  CEPF is enthusiastic in their support of this initiative. 

"The Calgary Educational Partnership Foundation is very excited to have the opportunity to support healthy students and a balanced living. The entire community will benefit from this well thought out project by Carbon School that will have a lasting impact" says Din Ladak, the President and CEO of CEPF. 

Healthy, happy students’ achieve higher results and experience success in more aspects of their lives. Carbon School is dedicated to supporting the wellness needs of all students.

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